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Bike Service & Repair

Your Bike Repair Experts

When you bring your bicycle to us for maintenance or repair, our friendly, professionally trained technicians will assess your bike's needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. Whether your bike is in need of a minor adjustment or a major overhaul, we promise that your ride is in good hands.

Silver Tune-UP


Safety Inspection

- Nuts and Bolts Tightened

- Precision Wheel True

- Brake Adjustment

- Derailleur Adjustment

- Drive Train Lubricated

- Frame and Drivetrain Wash

- Cable and Housing Installation

- Minor Component Installation (i.e stem, seatpost, chain)

All Services We Offer


Brake Adjustment                     $15 Each

Brake Install                               $25 Each                 

Cable/Housing Install               $15 Each
($25 for Internal Routing)

Hydraulic Brake Adjustment      $40

Hydraulic Brake Install               $50      


Tire/Tube Install                       $10

Wheel True                              $25 to $40

Spoke Install                             $25 (Up to 3)

Hub Adjustment                       $15 Each

Wheel Build                             Starts at $100

Training Wheel Install               $15

Tubeless Tape Install                 $20

Glue Tubulars                       $75 Per Wheel and Up

Forks, Stem, Headset

Fork Install                               $15 to $25

Stem Install                              $15

Headset Install (Bare Frame)     $25

Headset Adjustment                 $15

Headset Install/Rebuild            $35


Bottom Bracket Adjustment     $15

Bottom Bracket Rebuild            $40

Freewheel/Cassette Install       $10

Drivetrain Lubrication                $5

Chainring Install                          $25 (Up to 3)

Crank Install                                $15 to $30

Bike Builds & Washes

Pro Bike Build                           Starts at $250

Boxed Bike Build                      Starts at $85

Box Bike for Shipping                Starts at $100

Bike Teardown & Rebuild         Starts at $250

Detailed Race Bath                   Starts at $50

Shifters & Derailleurs 

Install Cable/Housing (External)            $15

Install Cable/Housing (Internal)             $25

Derailleur Adjustment                          $15 Each

Install Shifter                                         $25 Each

Shifter Flush                                          $25 Each

Derailleur Hangar Alignment                   $25

Bars & Saddles

Handlebar Wrap                        $15

Handlebar Adjustment             $5

Handlebar Install (Road)         $50
  (Includes Tape Install Labor)

Grip Install                                  $8

Saddle Install                             $5

Other Services 

Install Pedals                                   $5

Rebuild Pedals                                $15

Roof Rack Assembly/Install        $120

Install Computer                         $15 to $30

90 Day Bike Purchase Tune Up  Free


Fork Rebuild                               $100

Rear Shock Rebuild                   $85

Full Suspension Linkage          $100 and up

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.

Home Bike Repair

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.